Extinct "snake with legs" appeared in Kenya

A unique shot was recently taken in the Masai Mara African Reserve by a photographer from Holland. Thanks to the picture, scientists found that the reptile, which was considered extinct long ago, continues to inhabit the hottest continent to this day.

48-year-old Sjord van Berg Heneguven went on a trip to Africa, his path ran through the unique Masai Mara Nature Reserve. On the side of the road, Sjord accidentally noticed a reptile that resembled a small snake in size. The dexterous photographer managed to remove an agile reptile before it disappeared into the grass.

In Masai Mara found an extinct snake.

Arriving home, Sjord tried to find on the Internet: what kind of "snake" he encountered. Not achieving results, he just posted a photo on his Facebook page. Instantly messages were sent to the photographer with questions from all over the country, the main part of the people who were interested were herpetologists.

As explained by Dr. Philip Wagner, this find of the Dutch photographer is none other than the Western serpentine skink. It looks very much like a snake, however, it still has barely noticeable limbs. Now scientists are content only with museum exhibits when describing this animal. If the reptile is really preserved in wildlife, then the find of Sjord van Berg Heneguven is priceless.

Brief information about the Western serpentine skink: lives in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, has a body length of about half a meter, feeds on insects and spiders. For humans - absolutely harmless.

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