In the Orenburg region, a foreign car crashed into a herd of horses, two people were killed

At night, September 2, on the Belyaevka-Orenburg highway, a car hit several horses.

A terrible fatal accident occurred in the Orenburg region, and specifically in the Saraktash region.

That's what remains of the car after a terrible accident.

At 3 a.m. local time, the driver driving a Datsun car crashed into a herd of horses, most likely crossing the roadway at that moment. A 43-year-old man (driver) and a 31-year-old woman (who was in the front seat) died from injuries sustained in the accident. All people in the car were not fastened.

In the back seat of the car was another female passenger, aged 31, she was rushed to the hospital with very serious injuries.

As for the horses, they died. Currently, police are finding out: what exactly could have caused the accident, they are conducting numerous examinations.

Watch the video: October Revolution. Wikipedia audio article (February 2020).

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