Pygmy fox

By the way, and in faraway Africa there is a fox-sister. Meet the Dwarf Fox Fenech.

Fenech - African fox

Fenech - African fox

Lives in the northern deserts of Africa and in the center of the Sahara the smallest fox on Earth. Its name - Fenech - is translated from Arabic as "fox".

The unusual appearance of the dwarf fox fenech

In size, this predatory animal is smaller than even a domestic cat. The body and tail are the same length, up to 40 cm, height from 17 to 22 cm, and weight only 1.5 kg. Touching expression of a small, pointed muzzle give unexpectedly large ears. No predator has such a structure of the ears, when their size is much larger than the head. Imagine 15 cm ears! They help the Fenechs not only to hear well, but also to cool.

Big ears help cool the body in heat, and big eyes help you see in the dark

The eyes are also large, expressive, but the teeth are small, sharp, helping to gnaw small animals.

Like all adult foxes, the body is covered with soft thick hair of a beautiful reddish hue, the abdomen and lower part of the paws are white. But the cubs are completely white. The lower part of the paw is also covered with wool, which allows you to move around on hot sand.

Fenech prefers a night lifestyle

African Chanterelles Lifestyle

If there are small bushes in the sandy desert, then you can be sure - somewhere near the hole there are Fenechs. Burrowing holes with branched passages, animals dig themselves.

Several families can live in one den, since the Phoenix lead a pack of life. In the family, except for male and female, 7-8 cubs live, very young and teenagers from the previous litter.

Chanterelle Fenech is an unusually cute animal. She is caught for fur, and to keep at home, like a pet

When the breeding season begins, and this happens once in the first months of the year, males turn into furious defenders of their territory. They leave marks with urine, and enter into fights with everything encroaching on its limits.
The female carries offspring for about 50 days. In one of the branches of the burrow, Fenech drags soft grass, feathers, pieces of wool. There are sometimes very few cubs, 1-2 or more, 5-6. They are small, helpless and blind. But they grow quite quickly, in 2 weeks their eyes open, and after 3 more they are already slowly, carefully peeking out of the hole and even walking around it.

The role of the male in this period is only to feed the whole family, but the female does not let him in the nest.
When the little Fenechs turn 3 months old, they are free, without fear, move away from the hole and even get their own food.

The chanterelle "hid" in the hole of the log

They become completely adults by the age of 9 months and form their own family. It happens that they remain to live with their mother, raise younger, later born brothers and sisters.

Feneki very actively communicate with each other using a variety of sounds. Like all members of the canine family, they can not only bark, but also scream, grumble, whine and howl.

What do Feneks eat?

Miniature phoenixes cannot hunt large animals, therefore small inhabitants of deserts become their prey. These are small rodents such as jerboas, gerbils, can also eat carrion, eggs of birds, various insects (even scorpions), which are dug out of the sand.

Sometimes plant foods are eaten, mainly roots and ripened fruits. In case of hunger stores food for future use. The animal has adapted to life in the desert - the Fenech almost does not drink water, it has enough liquid contained in the food.
Due to the fact that the color of the wool merges with the color of the sand, as well as the fact that in case of danger, the fox immediately burrows into the sand, as if falling through, they have almost no enemies.

I ran on the "business" ...

Fenechs are hunted by people because of their valuable fur, and they are caught alive in order to maintain their homes. Small foxes are tamed pretty well and delight their owners with a complaisant character and an unusual appearance. They live 10-12 years.

Fenech at his hole

The image of this red fox is the logo of the Firefox computer browser, and its image is also engraved on one of Algeria’s small coins.


Watch the video: Desert Fox Hunts A Lesser Jerboa. Wild Arabia. BBC Earth (February 2020).

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