Tricolor cat. Description, features, signs and breeds of tricolor cats

It is believed that the primary color of these animals is white. It serves as a backdrop against which orange and black spots of arbitrary shape are scattered. Variations happen: orange turns into cream, black into gray. Spots occupy from 25% to 75% of the surface of the body.

Tricolor cat possesses an even rarer property than attractive color. People believe that such a cat brings good luck, which can be realized in financial success, personal happiness or just in a good mood. The cat itself, which received a three-color fur by the whim of fate, was no less fortunate. She will always be surrounded by care and attention.

Whether cats know that color affects people's attitudes toward them is unknown. But for the wrong color of fur in the Middle Ages, one could pay with a cat's life. The clergy could declare the black cat a witch and burn it at the stake. Such a fate did not threaten a tricolor cat.

Description and Features

When nature dyes a cat’s hair, it behaves differently. Maybe cat hair does not dye at all, then the cat becomes pure white. Can dispose of two colors: black and orange. They are part of melanin - a chemical compound that dyes wool. A mixture of black and orange components of melanin gives the whole variety of colors of cats.

Derivatives from black pigment often arise: brown, blue, purple, etc. The orange pigment can manifest itself as red, red, cream color. Not only colors are diverse, but also their geometric implementation. Solid color is possible, it is called solid. Feline stripes and circles give a color called tabby. In this embodiment, each hair is dyed partially in one or another color.

Often there is a tortoise color - black and orange (red, red) spots of an indefinite shape throughout the body. If the tortoise color is placed on a white background, a color combination is obtained, which is called calico. This name comes from the name calico fabric, invented in India, the city of Calicut (now called Kozhikode).

Animals with this color are often referred to simply: tricolor cats. The color scheme is often called tricolor. The names do not end there. Often the three-color color is called patchwork, chintz, tiger. Spots of three colors fit into colors in which a white background predominates:

  • harlequin - a white background should occupy 5/6 of the total area;

  • van - spots in small amounts may be present on the head and tail, the rest of the animal is pure white.

In addition, a typical tabby pattern may be present on colored spots. That is, the color is the three-color tabby. Owners consider tricolor cats especially affectionate, gullible, playful. Positive traits in the character are noticeable not because of the colored spots on the cat's fur, but due to the attitude of the owners to the animals. All the misconduct of a creature that brings luck and prosperity to the house will seem like a slight prank, a manifestation of playfulness.

Tri-color cat breeds

Spots of three colors on the fur of an animal are not a sign of one or more breeds. Special breeds of tricolor cats does not exist. Such can be any thoroughbred and not purebred cats. Given the fame of calico cats, breeders are directing their efforts to reinforce this trait.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the appearance of a cat with spots of white, black and orange colors is an accidental event and not very frequent. Most breed standards allow calico color. This is first of all:

  • short-haired British and American cats;
  • Bobtail, Kuril and Japanese;
  • Persian and Siberian cats;
  • manx;
  • Maine Coon;
  • masquerade cats;
  • Turkish van
  • and others.

In all cases, it looks fresh, original. Especially in Persian, Siberian and other long-haired cats. In some cases, the edges of the spots are blurred, as if created by watercolor. Shorthair tricolor cats in the photo with such a color look very elegant.


Everyone reacts the same to a black cat that is in the way of a person. It is better to return, to go around the place where the cat ran, otherwise there will be no way. With a tricolor cat, the opposite is true. If such an animal meets a man - wait for luck, he will soon be lucky, especially in matters relating to money. The sign is old, tried and tested, it works flawlessly.

When it comes to omens related to cats, one of the first ones recalls the belief that a cat should be the first to enter and look around in a new house. She will bring calm to the home, sorted out by otherworldly forces.

If the cat is three-colored, then along with well-being, luck and luck will settle in the house. A patchwork cat living in the house is a source of luck. People were not limited to a generalized statement.

The luck that a cat brings is detailed by color:

  • orange spots are responsible for wealth
  • black spots are aimed at fighting dark otherworldly forces,
  • white color manages the kindness and purity of thoughts.

Signs with tricolor cats often take on specific forms:

  • a patchwork cat protects the house in which it lives from fire;
  • Calico cat, who entered the house by chance, strayed - this is a harbinger of an imminent wedding;
  • a tricolor animal that crossed the path to a wedding procession is a sure sign of a happy, large marriage;
  • a cotton chintz with blue eyes carried a special function - it protected family members from the evil eye, gossip and slander;
  • a tricolor cat portends a person receiving good news, in the direction of which it is drawn;
  • The wart, rubbed with the tip of the calico cat's tail, should, as knowledgeable people say, disappear soon.

Japan is a country of a peculiar culture. Signs and beliefs associated with cats are not uncommon, they certainly believe in them even in our century. Tricolor cat in the house may not always live. But every Japanese wants to get his own piece of luck from her. In this case, there is a porcelain figurine - a cat with a raised paw.

His name sounds like Maneki-neko. The color is mostly white, with black and orange spots. This money cat is found in offices, shops, apartments, ensuring the financial well-being of employees, visitors and residents. The Japanese act rationally: instead of an animal that requires care, they acquire its porcelain embodiment.


Tricolor only cats or cats can also be

If an animal of calico color comes across on the way, with a probability of 99.9% we can say that this is a cat, that is, a female. Tricolor cats are a rarity. The very connection between the color and the sex of the animal seems surprising. Scientists still cannot explain why nature realized the possibility of being painted in three colors for cats, but rejected for cats.

Genetics explains this fact, but does not reveal the natural intent. The cells of the male body are equipped with X and Y chromosomes, and female cells are equipped with two X chromosomes. It is the X chromosomes that determine which pigment will manifest itself in the color of the cat. Orange color appears due to the pigment pheomelanin, black - eumelanin.

The X chromosome can activate only one pigment: either orange or black. A female has two X chromosomes, one can cause orange to life, the other black pigment. In males, the X chromosome is one, so the color of the spots can also be the same: black, or orange.

There are exceptions. Sometimes males with a XXY set of chromosomes (the so-called Klinefelter syndrome) are born. Such males can become tricolor. Or have a two-tone, tortie color. Very few tricolor males are born. In addition, due to the presence of two X-chromosomes, they do not give offspring.

In everyday life, it is not necessary to remember the names of the pigments, which chromosomes store the genes responsible for the feline color. It’s enough to know that full only cats are three-colored. Cats with the same color are flawed: they are extremely few, and they can not give offspring.

If the breeder decided to breed cats with a patchwork color, he will have to get acquainted with the basics of genetics and the features of the appearance of tricolor spots. After that, the idea of ​​breeding tricolor shorthair or long-haired animals will come to naught. Three-color cats are good because it is impossible to predict their birth.

What to call a tricolor cat

When resolving the issue, what to call a tricolor cat, owners are driven by several motives:

  • Associations that cause a cat's color. In this section, cats with large red spots lead the name Chubais.
  • The first manifestations of character in a kitten. Often it is Sonya, Shustrik, Marsik (a warlike kitten), Trouble (in the sense of a poor one).
  • Events or circumstances due to which the kitten appeared in the house. For example, Prize, Winter, Storm, Gift, Chef.
  • Most often, a kitten is called spontaneously.

Names for Tricolor Cats little differ from the names of animals of other colors. The entire list of popular names of tricolor cats looks impressive.

  • Ava, Agatha, Aya, Agniya, Aida, Anita, Anka, Ariadna, Ars, Artem, Astra;
  • Barbie, Basia, Bella, Black, Lingonberry, Borya, Bob, Betty, Bert, Bambi, Buka, Storm;
  • Varna, Wanda, Varya, Vasilisa, Cornflower, Vasya, Venus, Viola, Willy, Vlasta, Vesta, Volya;
  • Galya, Glafira, Glasha, Hera, Greta, Glafira, Gloria, Hertha, Golub;
  • Dio, Gina, Julie, Deutsche, Dekabrina;
  • Eve, Eudokinia, Elizabeth, Efim;
  • Zhanna, Zhulya, Zhuzha, Georges;
  • Zlata, Zimka, Dawn, Zarina, The Beast;
  • Ivanna, Isabella, Jonah, Isold, Ipa, Isis, Irma, Spark;
  • Capa, Drop. Coco, Carolina, Clara, Constance, Cleo, Xenia;
  • Lana, Lesya, Lina, Lu, Lulu, Lila, Lina, Lily, Lily;
  • Mavra, Mara, Mars, Maroussia, Maggi, Magda, Madeleine, Malvinka, Margot, Marta, Martha, Matilda, Matryoshka, Mila, Milan, Mile, Mimi, Mia, Molly, Muse, Moore;
  • Nana, Nata, Nessie, Nelly, Nefertiti, Ninel, Nina, Novella, Nora, Note, Night, Nate, Nyusha, Nyasha;
  • Ori, Octave, Oktyabrina, Olympia, Osia;
  • Peacock, Panna, Paula, Panda, Praskovya, Panochka, Pance;
  • Rada, Rimma, Rosa, Ruslan;
  • Solomei, Liberty, North, Severin, Seraphim, Sandy, Simon, Sophia, Susanna, Susie, Susan, Styopa;
  • Taiga, Tasha, Tosha, Trisha, Tahira, Tess;
  • Ulya, Ustya;
  • Faina, Fanya, Fina, Fima, Fiona, Frau, Felicia, Flora;
  • Eureka, Elsa, Emma, ​​Eric;
  • Julia, Juno, Utah, Yuna;
  • Yarik, Yars.

High-breed kittens enter the owner’s house with a name that is formed according to special rules. The first letter is the same for all kittens of the same litter. The name must contain the name of the nursery or the name of the breeder. Some nurseries fix the word (toponym, surname, rank and the like), which serves as an integral part of the nicknames of all kittens.

If the kitten is of high origin, the owner has to think about how to shorten the name so that it becomes simpler and more memorable. The kitten quickly learns its nickname, it is desirable that it has no more than three syllables, then there will be no problems with remembering.

What is the dream of the three-colored cat

The appearance of a cat with a calico color in a dream is not always interpreted as the onset of happy, successful times. Much depends on the stage. In contrast to reality, the spotted creature that appeared in the kingdom of Morpheus does not make man a priori lucky, but makes you think.

A dream in which a tricolor cat scratches near the door for men portends a meeting with a woman who is to be liked. But the intentions of this woman may not be entirely plausible. The former established life order may not change for the better. For women, such a dream indicates an imminent collision with a rival.

After a dream in which a tricolor cat lies on a person’s body, it’s nice to see a doctor. Pay attention to your health, listen to those organs on which the cat has laid down.

Dreams happen in which a cat with a calico color rubs at the feet of a person. In this case, you can’t avoid contradictions with someone close to you. If in a dream it was possible to discern which of the flowers in the cat's fur prevails, you can predict the nature of the differences. With the prevailing red (orange) color, the opponent will be cunning and two-faced. If the black color prevails, the opponent will be rude, but straightforward.

Interesting Facts

On the main Japanese island of Honshu, there is the Kii Peninsula. A railway runs along it. A 14-kilometer line connects Wakayama administrative center with the village of Kishigawa. Few people used the railway and decided to close it as unprofitable in 2007.

At the station there lived a three-colored cat Tama. After closing the line, the cat automatically became stray. Residents of other cities along the railway began to visit Kishigava only in order to look at the cat, to have time to stroke it for good luck. The cat brought good luck not only to passengers, but to the railway department - the flow of passengers increased. For this, she was promoted to honorary chief of the station.

It turned out that, in addition to the cat, there are many remarkable places in the district. Tourists and residents of neighboring regions stretched to Wakayama Prefecture. The cat prevented the bankruptcy of the railway line and pushed the development of the tourism business. Over the past 7 years of operation, the "honorary head of the station," the three-color Tama brought 1.1 billion yen to the railway ticket office.

A fact indirectly related to tricolor cats, but very impressive. In April 2019, the online magazine Nature reported that scientists from the University of California were able to read and voice human thoughts.

Sensors mounted on the head picked up electromagnetic waves generated by the brain. The computer decrypted and reproduced the thought. The first mental phrase that received a sound incarnation was: "Get a three-colored cat, and the rodents will go away."

In Krasnoyarsk there is a children's technopark "Tory-Gora". One of the activities of which is educational work. That is, there are many visitors. All of them are met and accompanied by a tricolor cat Florida. This was announced in March 2019 by the online publication City News from Krasnoyarsk. The cat is enrolled in the state and receives a salary with food and affection.

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