Hairless terrier dog. Description, care and price of the breed Naked Terrier

Choosing a family friend in their home, each is guided by their own preferences. What should be the size of the pet, gender, age, character. There are not only wishes, but also well-founded requirements, for example, an allergy of family members to animal hair. Many breeds have been developed for such dog lovers, and one of the youngest is hairless terrier.

Features of the breed and the nature of the naked terrier

American hairless terrier, unlike, for example, mexican hairless dog, the breed is new, and is still under development. To date, it is only conditionally recognized by the International Cynological Association. These dogs were randomly obtained from small rat-terriers (rat-rat dogs) covered in hair.

In 1972, a naked puppy was born that first interested people. Earlier, hairless babies were also born, but were considered mutated. The founder of the breed, Edwin Scott, who received such a puppy as a gift, appreciated his merits, and decided to get offspring from him with the same characteristics.

This was not possible from the first attempts, and only in 1981, when two were born at once in the litter. hairless puppyScott breeder family announces new breed terrier. Later, the breeder founded a kennel and began to develop the general public's interest in these dogs.

Despite the hunting past of their blood relatives of rat terriers, hairless terriers were not so adapted to their environment, and it was not possible to use them as workers, as this breed became just a companion.

A huge plus of the naked terrier is its hypoallergenicity. This makes it possible for people with allergies to have pets too. Due to the absence of hair (its length is about 1 mm.), Dust, spores and pollen do not accumulate in it, just as various parasites do not breed and live.

The epidermis is delayed by short hair and does not enter the environment, which means that it is allergic to a person. Weak salivation also eliminates the allergic reaction to protein.

Moreover, his character is very light. Naked terriers are intelligent, easily trained dogs, they are very easy to manage. They are quite simple to train, train in any program: OKD, freestyle, agility, frisbee and other modern methods and competitions. Energy, vitality, sports excitement and courage make this dog a cheerful and loyal friend.

And at the same time, despite all their liveliness, the naked terriers are very affectionate and understand when you need to behave calmly. They can sleep quietly with a person, without disturbing or imposing. With great love and respect for the owners, smart and incredibly loyal.

Focus on the nature of family members and adapt to them. They become very attached to children, especially if the puppy grows with them. The breed is focused on living in an ordinary family with children. It easily gets along with other pets, plays with dogs, lives calmly and without fights in a pack.

The naked terrier in the photo looks funny, good-natured and playful.

Description of the naked terrier and breed standard requirements

The standard of the American naked terrier is written, as it were, in advance, in theory, and they try to customize the breed to fit it. The main prescribed requirements are average height (25-45 cm.), Well-developed muscles, weight in the range of 3-6 kg.

The head is wedge-shaped, proportional, slightly convex and wide. Ears are V-shaped, can be erect, semi-permanent or hanging - any position fits the standard. Forelegs straight, with elbows pressed to the body.

The tail is saber-shaped, with the possibility of stopping in dogs with a wool coat. The dental formula is complete, the bite can be scissor-shaped or straight. Its formation depends on the growth rate of the teeth, which are large for a dog of this size.

As for the coat, there are two options. The first variety of puppies is born with hair, which disappears by two months, and in adult dogs it remains only on the whiskers and chin.

The skin is soft, it produces sweat during heat and during stress. In the second case, the dog is covered with very short, smooth and dense hair. Color in both cases can be sable, white, variegated with spots necessarily white. The size and location of the spots does not matter. Albino dogs are not seen at shows.

If it comes to choosing a puppy, then they also have their own selection criteria. Toddlers must outwardly meet the standards of the breed - be muscular, with a wide chest, a straight line of the back, a thick tail that should not be wrapped.

Ears should stand, wrapped or hanging are not allowed. Elbows pressed to the body, hind legs with profitable fingers removed. Clubfoot is not allowed. But, if you get a dog in the family, for communication, and not for breeding and participation in exhibitions, then for some moments you can close your eyes and choose the puppy that will be to your soul.

Care and maintenance of a naked terrier

The naked terrier does not cause much trouble, you only need to pay special attention to its skin. Since the dog does not have hair, in the summer you need to protect it from the strong sun for the first time so that the dog does not get burned.

Over time, when the skin becomes accustomed and tans a little, there is no need to fear burns. In winter, it is imperative to wear warm overalls, and, if the climate is very harsh, sneakers. This breed is exclusively for keeping in an apartment where the dog should have its own place for rest, as well as for games.

You need to walk every day for 1-2 hours. When walking, you need to focus on active pastime, the naked terrier loves to frolic, and you need to provide him with activities and lure the game in the fresh air. Keeping an American hairless terrier on the street is always impossible. You can bathe this dog at least every day, but then you need to take care of the skin and lubricate it with cream.

The ancestors of the breed were hunting dogs, strong and hardy, requiring "serious" food. Therefore, the naked terrier should be fed mainly meat. Vegetable additives and cereals should be no more than 25% in the diet. Whether to use dry food or cook it yourself - choose the owner, there are no contraindications.

The only thing is that when switching from one type of food to another, you need to be attentive to the pet, as it may appear allergic to certain types of food. While the puppy is growing, bones and teeth are forming, you need to add sour-milk products to the menu.

The price of a naked terrier and reviews of the owners

The cost of puppies of a naked American terrier ranges from 20 to 70 thousand rubles. The price depends on the status of the parents and on the exterior of the baby. The happy owners of naked terriers speak about them only on the positive side.

At one of the online forums, user Svetlana K. said the following: “I really like this breed for its quick wit, playfulness, tenderness! So much love fits in this little naked creature! A very big plus of this breed is that it does not feel the presence of a dog in the house - there is no smell or coat. And what a pleasant to the touch, velvety skin they have ... I believe that these are the future favorites of many people who give only love and do not bring any problems! ”

User Konstantin I. said: - “Lovely dog! There is little concern with her, but there are practically no serious problems. He bathes with pleasure, we use gel and after-shower lotion for washing. It looks very exotic and always attracts attention. Children really love their naked terrier. ”

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