Ocicat cat. Description, features, price and care of the cat Ocicat

Ocicat breed was bred in the sixties of the twentieth century by a breeder from the United States on the basis of the Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair. Today it will be discussed in our article. We will understand the features, nature and care of the Ocicat.

Cats got their name due to their outward resemblance to ocelots (carnivorous representatives of the cat family living in South and Central America). Many people confuse the lack of knowledge about the ocicle with ordinary yard cats, but this is far from the case and this breed has a number of significant differences.

Ocicat breed description

Ocicat Cat possesses a muscular strong physique. The weight of adult individuals ranges from 3.5 to 7 kg (females are slightly less than males). The rounded head is decorated with rather large ears, at first glance at which you might think that the animal is in a wary state or is busy tracking down prey.

Wide-set eyes are almond-shaped and are most often yellow, golden, orange or green. Blue eye color is considered a deviation from the norm.

As can be seen by photosetThe hair of these cats is short, silky and shiny, with oval or round spots. The peculiarity of the color of the representatives of this breed is that literally every hair has several shades, which as a result creates an unusual spotty pattern.

The breed's standard today is considered 12 color options from tan and chocolate to blue and lilac. Paws Ocicat cat - quite proportional, have an average length and color in the form of rings.

In order for the coat to remain shiny and velvety, many breeders sometimes recommend petting a pet with a piece of suede fabric. In order not to make a mistake with the breed when choosing a pet, it is worth knowing that the distinctive feature of the ociet is a special pattern on the head that resembles the shape of the letter "M".

Ocicat cat of red color

Having first been born half a century ago, today the Ocicat is distributed practically throughout the world. The breed is most popular in its homeland in the USA and in the countries of Northern Europe. If in Sweden or Denmark you won’t surprise anyone with such animals, then for Russia, for example, the Ocicat breed is still quite exotic.

Ocicat Price with the pedigree, documents and in full accordance with the breed standard at the moment it starts with a mark of 500 US dollars. Nevertheless, the popularity of the animal among our compatriots is growing rapidly due to the peculiarities of the character of the ociet.

Ocicat cat character and lifestyle

Although as it was found out as a result of genetic examination, the ocicat has little in common with the DNA of wild representatives of the cat family, its character is quite violent.

Those who decide to buy an oocyte need to be aware that the animal is not suitable for lovers of peace and tranquility, since it is hyperactive and simply loves communication, constantly requiring increased attention to itself.

However, thanks to this same feature, oocytes quickly become the family’s favorites, bringing joy to both children and adults. Ocicat character different from other domestic breeds of cats, because it has special features inherent in more dogs.

For example, the animal is unlikely to sit aside or hide at the sight of guests, and will run out to meet them for joint communication and outdoor games, which simply adore oocytes of any age.

Another feature of the nature of these animals is their excellent learning abilities, thanks to which cats not only quickly get used to the tray and their own name, but also demonstrate a fairly high level of intelligence. This should not be forgotten, because the Ocicat can easily figure out how to open the door, the refrigerator and get to the hidden food supplies.

Ocicat kittens

If a Ocicat kittens from early childhood accustomed to hands and brought up in a friendly atmosphere, they grow up playful, affectionate and very sociable. The only thing these cats can't stand is loneliness. For those who often travels, it is extremely undesirable to have such a pet, as it becomes depressed and begins to wither.

Many breeders of Ocicat cats walk their leash several times a week. It is best to equip a special corner for an ocicat, where it can play in the absence of owners, equipping it with trainers for cats, labyrinths, houses and other entertainments.

They do not require special care, and it is enough to comb the hair no more than once every few weeks and wash with special shampoos. Ocicatists have a possessive instinct, so their toys should not be given to other pets, with whom, incidentally, they practically do not get along under the same roof.


The kittens that are born feed on breast milk until they are three weeks old, after which they must be transferred to a balanced diet. Some breeders recommend giving dry food from well-known brands to Ocicots, while others advise feeding animals with natural products. They will perfectly fit into their diet: fresh fish, meat, milk, eggs, offal and some varieties of cereals.

Okitsetov until about eight months of age are fed three times a day, after which they are transferred to a two-time meal. Cats need to be given vitamin supplements (in particular vitamin K) periodically and monitor the formation of plaque that needs to be cleaned off.

Reproduction and longevity of the cat

The oocytes reach reproductive age by four months. Females tolerate pregnancy well, which lasts about sixty days and are distinguished by their reverent attitude to newborn kittens.

After a few weeks, the pups of the ocicot have the ability to see and hear, and by the age of two months they become completely independent. The average life expectancy of cats of the Ocicat breed is about 15-18 years.

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