Australian Mist

Affectionate, but not intrusive, human-oriented, but quite independent, loyal, intelligent, devoid of aggression towards humans, not miniature to fragility, but not gigantic, and necessarily very beautiful with a special, slightly mysterious beauty: such an ideal cat should have become, which they decided to bring to the smallest mainland - in Australia.

And although the world of cat lovers is difficult to surprise, the inhabitants of the most amazing continent of the Earth managed to exceed all expectations in this. The Australian myst was the discovery of the end of the last century and one of the most expensive cats.

History of breed origin

Sydney's cat breeder is now known worldwide for her love of cats. Her heart was given to Thai beauties and Abyssinians. However, an independent disposition and pronounced hunting habits were not liked by everyone who wanted to have a pet. And the Australian Gertrude Strade set out to bring a new breed of cats that meets several basic requirements.

First, in the breed, love and devotion to the owners who like Burmese beauties so much should be clearly expressed. Secondly, the Abyssinians had to share their independence, the ability for some time to do without human concern, to occupy themselves. Thirdly, the breed could not do without the blood of Siamese cats with their stunning eyes, grace, courage.

In addition, Labor wanted her cats to not require serious care, but remained beautiful. Thick short hair, smoky “plaque”, excellent health and stamina added to the list of requirements for the new breed.

Serious work began, which was carefully documented, all the luck and inconsistencies were described, the kittens obtained by crossing the breeds, their size, color, constitution, character, growth and adulthood.

Not all at once everything turned out as Labor and her colleagues wanted. Ten years the woman devoted painstaking work, carefully choosing her parents for breeding, selecting kittens with a unique smoky color and "leopard" spots. Sometimes spotted kittens appeared among the babies, from which magnificent specimens with a unique dark pattern grew.

Breeding work was started in 1977, and already in 1987 the Australian felinological community recognized the new, own breed of the fifth continent - the Australian myst. The breed was represented by the most serious works of Gertrude, a complete and accurate description, almost daily reports on the progress of experiments and their results.

Since 2007, cats from Australia began to appear in Europe. Exotic beauties were brought to England by another woman in love with cats - Mary Stuart. She began to work with equal enthusiasm on breeding unique smoky "Australians", having received about 200 kittens in 2 years. And in 2009, it was she who introduced the new breed at the exhibition, however, the mystists could not participate in the competition, because they did not meet European standards. But their fans appeared immediately.

It is interesting! It was at the famous Yorkshire exhibition that a phrase was heard that became a peculiar explanation of the name of the breed. Passing by the kittens, one of the visitors suddenly stopped saying: "Are these not Thais? Australia? Real Australian mysticism ..."

Today, in several countries at once, breeders are engaged in this breed, having passed training and received official permission from the Australian "parents". Several lines of mystists appeared, with their own characteristic color, which is carefully cultivated.

Mystical, mysterious, able to be simply invisible, feel the mood of people, smoky and marble mystes are still rare. Each kitten receives documents indicating parents, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, felinology - breeders know literally about each representative of this breed.

Description of the Australian Mist

The most serious work carried out by the Australians paid off in full for the results. Handsome Mists have all the qualities that Labor so sought to consolidate.

Appearance, color

Medium sized cats are perfectly folded. They have a large, but rounded chest, a triangular head with a pointed muzzle, low-set ears, large at the base, round tips, the nose smoothly, almost imperceptibly passes into the forehead line. From the Siamese ancestors, the mystists inherited very expressive almond-shaped eyes, the color of which can be green with a touch of yellow, blue, as well as bright blue, a well-developed muscular neck.

Paws are very strong, with small "fingers", neat pads. The tail, noticeably tapering from the base to the end, is long and very mobile. Shiny short coat, undercoat downy and loose, completely disappears in the heat.

It is interesting! It is noteworthy that the color may have several shades: chocolate, peach, gold, purple, blue, brown, caramel.

Teking (the coat is dyed unevenly) creates the same mystical effect - as if a mantle was thrown over the Australians. The drawing allows 2 options - clear round spots and marbling. At the same time, the backs are always much brighter than the stomach and paws. Gold can flow into almost white caramel, gold - in a light cinnamon color.

Breed standards

When selecting kittens, they pay attention to the coat, the main shade of which should be a very saturated warm color, the spots are dark, slightly blurry, but clearly visible. The head is triangular in shape, the ears are widely spaced, developed, eye color in green. The body has the shape of a rectangle, graceful, not massive, the mists seem lighter than they actually weigh.

With an average weight of cats up to 4 kg, cats can be 6-8 kg. The tail is proportional to the body in length, well pubescent, the legs are superbly developed. The pattern on the wool must be symmetrical, on the face and ears reddish spots. Animals are disqualified due to color mismatch, deviations in behavior, eye color, if they are amber, bright yellow, dark brown.

Nature and behavior

The best cats for the family were bred for that. So that they can be fearlessly kept in a house where young children grow up, there are teenagers and elderly people. Mists love to play, but they never turn everything upside down, do not show aggression, scratching, and even more so, biting the hosts.

They are very loyal to the owner and his family, able to follow him anywhere. Although they do not need great physical exertion, they feel great in enclosed spaces, that is, houses and apartments, without being carried away by long walks. The main thing for them is to be near the person.

Life span

Mists are distinguished by good health, with proper care they are able to live a quarter of a century, preserving the mind and remarkable intellectual abilities. On average, live from 16 to 25 years.

Australian Mist Content

Marble smoky beauties are completely unpretentious, they do not require serious care, wool does not need to be constantly combed or collected throughout the house and clothes with furniture.

Care and hygiene

After walking, it would be nice to wash the paws, such a cat should be accustomed to water procedures from early childhood, as well as to a harness or leash. Mystes do not go far from home and the owner, but they can get carried away with the chase, having got used to the will.

Important!Once every 1-2 weeks, it is worth combing the pet with a special brush to remove dead hair.

You don’t need to accustom to the tray, Mists perfectly understand the purpose of this hygiene item. The claws of cats are neat, an ordinary claw-claw will help to clean them: you should immediately buy a device intended for an adult, because kittens grow quickly. They will also be happy with unusual toys, gladly entertaining the hosts with fun.

How to feed an Australian myst

Only dry feeds, to which an increasing number of animal owners are now leaning, will not suit the Mystes, they are even dangerous to their health. But to mix tasty balls in meat stew or porridge is quite acceptable. The cat is unlikely to cope with the bones, chicken hollow can cause injury.

At 2-3 months, it is best to mix beef or chicken, offal in rice, buckwheat, oatmeal porridge with milk, curd, yogurt, fresh and boiled fish without bones should be given 3 times a week. Feed 3 times a day, from 1 year transfer to two meals a day. You can not overfeed the cat, as the mistists poorly understand the measure and easily overeat, gaining excess weight.

Diseases and birth defects

The immunity of Australian cats can only be envied. With proper maintenance and care, visits to the veterinarian are required only for examinations. Vaccinations will be enough to avoid infection with parasites. Do not let your pet in to unfamiliar animals, so as not to catch fleas, and the mist simply will not touch fresh or unusual looking food, poisoning among them is rare.

One of the main problems is obesity, because many Australians do not like to move, by the age of two years interest in active games is gradually decreasing, so you should monitor the size of the servings.

Buying an Australian Mist

A limited number of representatives of the breed makes for many of these smoky cats all the more desirable. You should be extremely careful when buying a pet. It is very difficult to find them in nurseries, kittens are waiting for several months. It’s impossible to acquire such a treasure from the hands.

What to look for

You need to purchase an animal in nurseries specializing in mystes and licensed. Kittens from there are sold already accustomed to the tray, trained in basic hygiene rules and vaccinated. Not only color, but also character, late puberty, devotion and lack of aggression make cats of this breed the best for living in a family with children.

Therefore, it’s not worth the risk and buy exotic kittens from unverified sellers who, at best, will give away culling as a smoky Australian myst (sterilized babies with defects - they cost several thousand rubles cheaper) or half-breed.

Australian Mist breed price

Mystic cats are bred by only a few nurseries, most of them are in Europe. In Russia, the countries of the former USSR, there are no such nurseries and breeders who have the right to breed mistists.

The price of these cats starts at $ 400 (in Russia from 25 thousand rubles). A person who wants to sell a kitten must have documents for the baby or adult animal, vaccination certificates, a very detailed pedigree.

Owner reviews

Few happy owners of Australian smoky mistes talk about their rare love of loyalty, devotion, which sometimes creates inconvenience. These cats can not be long without owners, they begin to get bored, can become depressed.

Important! Breeders talk about simplicity in maintenance, but you should remember that very wealthy people acquire kittens.

They can provide high-quality feed, suitable toys, a place for games and recreation, constant communication, but in a usually small apartment the mist will not be very comfortable. Although the kitten will not become less loving because of this. The first pet, friend and companion, a cheerful and mysterious myst will bring joy to anyone.

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