Now passengers will be accompanied by cats

The personnel of the tourist ship "Nikolai Chernyshevsky", which runs between the capital of Russia and "Northern Palmyra", replenished with two new sea wolves. Rather, even - river cats, because they swim not on the sea, and it’s not wolves at all, but the real mustachioed ones. True, their names are not feline - Boatswain and Sailor.

It must be said that the Sailor who has come to the center of public attention is not a novice in the navigation business and is a St. Petersburg celebrity. According to the captain of the ship, he acquired the Sailor back in 2008. It was then that he decided to take him with him to the captain's booth, where the cat took root quite quickly.

Sailor - the famous captain cat.

You can recognize the Sailor without difficulty thanks to uniforms, which range from a vest with a peakless cap to the full dress uniform of a starpom with a badge. And, I must say that for so many years of work, he received his title of senior assistant not in vain, and only the nickname remained from the former salaga. The merits of a cat is not an exaggeration. According to the captain, the Sailor is able to accurately predict weather changes. And, if he suddenly becomes fussy, you can be sure that you should prepare for the storm.

After some time, the captain acquired a companion for the Sailor, whom he named the Boatswain. Both pets quickly became friends, and now go on shift together.

According to captain Vladimir Kotin, one of them is constantly in the cabin, and the other goes to the cabin with him, but at noon he also comes to the cabin, where both tailed assistants begin their professional lives: they walk, they examine everything, they check everything, alternating sleep and food until morning.

Now the Sailor is “on duty” on the ship, not alone, but with the other Boatswain.

The passengers of the ship show a clear interest in furry sailors and will definitely want to take pictures with them. And the captain himself says that the friendly atmosphere on board is largely the merit of his sea cats.

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